Quick Tips

 Energy Saving Tips to Help Save You Money and Extend the Life of Your AC System


The information in this acritcle is intended to help you stay cool and save money by keeping your A/C running at its peak performance. It will help assure that your A/C system is keeping you as cool as possible and working and cooling as efficiently as possible while saving you money. This article will also help you decide if you need a professional to service your AC system or if your system is in need of repair.

Filters must be Clean!  It is hot  in Texas and we run our air conditioners a lot, maybe more than you think. Check your air filter every 30 to 90 days to make sure it is clean. If the return air filter for your system is near the floor, the filter needs to be cleaned every 30 days, regardless if  its says it is  rated for 90 days.  Filters located in the ceiling can usually go 90 days before needing replacement.  Depending on your living situation and the house you live in, i.e. if you have animals you may need to clean or replace the air filters more often. My best advice to you is to go check your filters now.

Leave your fan on. On your thermostat switch the fan setting to FAN ON not AUTO. This will run the indoor fan nonstop. The outside  unit will still cycle with a call for cooling from the thermostat. The constant air moving will keep you cooler. You can probably keep the thermostat a degree or two higher than normal and still feel comfortable. You will also maintain a more even temperature between upstairs and downstairs. This will SAVE you MONEY because the outdoor condenser will not come on as much.

Make sure that you wash the outside condenser coil once a year. If it’s dirty the condenser will run hot and inefficient. A sign of the coil being dirty is the small exposed copper  line connecting the inside unit with the outside unit will be hot to the touch.

“Warm Rooms” on the lower levels of the house where it is cooler cut back / partially cut off some vent registers  but do not close them off all of the way, doing so could interfere with the static air pressure.  Make sure that all the ones on the upper floors where it is warmer are open all the way.

If you close the door to a room make sure that there is about a 3/4″ gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. You may have had carpet put down on the floor and now there is no gap. This is necessary if you have a central return air duct in the hallway. The return air ducts need to pull the warm air from the room.

I the summer in Texas never leave the house and turn OFF the system completely  then come back home and turn it on and expect it to cool the house anytime soon. Doing this will not allow the unit to cool down the house for several hours. You can set the temperature up five to ten degrees but NOT OFF. This is because of Latent heat buildup in the walls and furniture in the house and will make  your air conditioning system work harder to remove the heat, this takes a long time.

Never turn the thermostat off than back on in less than five minutes, this will short-cycle the compressor and can trip breakers, blow fuses, or cause permanent damage the compressor. You should have a time-delay install on the A/C to prevent this during power outages! Most digital programmable thermostats have a time-delay of 3-5 minutes built-in. Having a start capacitor and relay is a good idea. This will increase the life expectancy of the compressor by starting faster thus keeping motor electrical windings temperature down, using less electric to start.

You should NEVER need to add refrigerant (Freon) to a system, if you are adding refrigerant this means that there is a refrigerant leak in the system that NEEDS to be fixed! Running your system low on refrigerant can cause damage to  your A/C System.

Checking the cooling with a thermometer. There should be a 15-20 degree (Delta-T) temperature drop across the indoor coil at the air handler. Check the temperature drop in the duct close to the coil, if air coming into the coil is 75 degrees than the air leaving the coil should be 60-55 degrees. If it is higher or lower there is probably something wrong. Too high of a drop,  more than 20 degrees drop, could mean lack of air flow or low on refrigerant. Less than a 15-degree drop could mean too much air flow, dirty outside coil or low on refrigerant.

Do NOT let pets Urinate on the outside coil. This will cause it to corrode (rust) and then leak refrigerant.

Keep grass, leaves & weeds from blocking air flow on the outside Condensing Unit.

If you think you are in need of ac repair, do not hesitate to call Sadler’s Air Conditioning Service.   When it comes to air conditioners and ac repair we have seen it all, we already know the solution to your  problems.

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